the word colored pencils made from pencil shavings the word charcoal drawn in charcoal on a cement floor the word string made out of string, laying against blue and purple spools of tread the word wire made out of black and silver wire, in a work room the word water color painted with water color, on a light table with bottels of ink the words Pen and Ink drawn in india ink the word clay made out of teal clay in front of bricks the words acrylic paint made out of squirted paint on an easel


This set of handmade typography was crafted and photographed by me in a rare chance to make something by hand. While doing a project for another class I became very inspired by Vladimir Koncar’s Diary Type, in which he experimented with handmade type. I decided to try and make my own, sticking to single words instead of the whole alphabet. I tried many variations of creating the words, as well as using a variety of materials. My most successful pieces were photographed in a way that was unique to the word and material.