Minneapolis Water Park

A large amusement park that contains multiple water rides and swimming areas

Minneapolis Water Park Logo

The Tea Garden

A rebranding of a hip tea shop that sells many varieties and types of tea

The Tea Garden logo

Cloth Diaper Guru

A parenting blog about the tips and tricks of cloth diapering your children

Cloth Diaper Guru Logo

Kent’s Barbecue

A family-run barbecue restaurant that cooks all of its meat with a traditional wood-fire grill

Kent’s Barbecue logo


A granola bar for kids that promotes active play while using your imagination

Cinemell logo


A dessert company that sells frozen treats in grocery stores

Summit logo


A museum that focuses on modern art and graphic design

Wadesworth logo

The Game Den

A video game store that sells new and used games, as well as having old games to play in the lounge

The Game Den logo

Little Elephant Sushi

A modern sushi bar that showcases the fun flavors of sushi to a young American audience

Little Elephant Sushi logo

Courier Bird Deliveries

A delivery crew that promotes fast and reliable services

Courier Bird Deliveries logo