Fish Food

This illustration is created with three watercolor paintings that are combined in photoshop. The idea for ths painting was that a tiny mermaid is forced to live in a fish bowl as decoration.

Mermaid in a fish bowl

Ancient Songs

This painting was an attempt to combine the historical styles of art nouveau and japanese wood blocks. The line work is done with pen and ink to create the illusion of a wood cut, while the colored areas are a combination of watercolor and colored ink. Photoshop was used to create some of the symmetrical elements and to tweak the colors.

geisha playing a flute in art nouveau style

Color Underground

This painting was done in class, given only the prompt of "A tree in the city." My interpretation was that trees in the sad and dismal city bring great amounts of life under the ground with their roots. The painting is done in watercolor, charcoal and acrylic paint.

a sad tree alone in the city, while underground is full of life

Into the Woods

This was another class project, with the prompt "Little Red Riddinghood." For this illustration I decided to poke fun at the story and create the illusion that the big bad wolf is only a bunch of squirrels after her basket. This drawing is done in Corel Painter and Photoshop.

Little red riding hood getting tricked by squirrles


This digital illustration was practice in drawing female characters and using illustrations in a magazine layout.

fashion illustration that goes with an editorial about work fashion