drawing of megan staffaroni by chris handrick






About the Designer

My name is Megan Staffaroni and I am currently the Lead Graphic Designer at the garment printing company Innovative Graphics. When I'm not designing you can normally find me painting, knitting, attempting to cook foreign foods and learning Korean. During the winter I play the sport of curling with my family; a game I’ve come to love despite my distaste for Minnesota's snow.

In the next few years I plan on making the move to South Korea, to become a brand designer. I’ve always told myself that you can find work anywhere if you work hard enough, so why not live somewhere completely captivating?

People often ask me where the noodle logo comes form and the answer is quite simple. My last name rhymes with macaroni and I’ve has all sorts of noodle nicknames. I like quirky things, so using a noodle as my logo fits me perfectly.